Thursday, October 04, 2007

A cautionary tale (in rhyme)

Guess what - it's National Poetry Day here in the UK, so
there's only one thing for it ...


Freddy Bull the marketer
Just loved his direct mail,
He used to send out tons of stuff
And knew it couldn’t fail.
He didn't know if it arrived,
Nor whether it got read,
But just a 1% return
Was good enough for Fred

Then one day Freddy realised
That there was something better:
An email can be sent for free –
Much cheaper than a letter!
And so he scoured his database
For every email in it,
CC’d them all, and then hit 'send'
And hoped they wouldn’t bin it.

Poor Fred, he had a lot to learn
Before he got it right
Permission, relevance, subject lines ...
I could go on all night.
He started reading eTips and
He soon cleaned up his act
So now his ROI is up
Instead of clients' backs.


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